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Quiz: What Should You Get For Mothers Day?

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Your mom is the world for you, and you want her to be the happiest. Do you know your little gifts make a difference in her life? Mother’s Day is an event to pamper these nature caregivers. But what should you get for Mother’s Day to pep up her day? Let us help you with a quick personality quiz to discover the perfect gift for your mom. This quiz is created just for fun so, enjoy and share it with your friends!

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1. Your mother enjoys listening to music on-

111454 Her iPod
111455 Car radio
111456 High-end stereo system
111457 Any of the above

2. How do you know when she is annoyed?

111458 She yells
111459 She stops talking
111460 She let you know in a strict tone
111461 She makes herself cornered in a room

3. What does your mother do to pamper her?

111462 Get a pedicure done
111463 Go out for shopping
111464 Get a nice hairdo
111465 Go out for lunch/dinner

4. What is in your mom's purse?

111466 A couple of cosmetic bags & wallet to organize everything
111467 A total mess, everything so scattered that she pulls anything and the other comes out automatically
111468 Basic cosmetics like eyeliner and lipstick with a water bottle
111469 A notebook, glasses, and pen with a wallet

5. What is her favorite color?

111470 Red
111471 Black
111472 Red
111473 Green

6. What is her favorite dessert?

111474 Choco-chip cookies
111475 A healthy fruit salad
111476 Chocolate mousse
111477 Cakes & Pastries

7. What would you do to calm her when she feels low?

111478 Hug her
111479 Try to cheer her up
111480 Cook her favorite food
111481 Listen quietly

8. How does your mom wear her hair?

111482 In a neat ponytail
111483 Tucked nicely in a glamorous high bun
111484 Loose curls
111485 Short straightened hair

9. What outdoor activity does she enjoy the most?

111486 Shopping
111487 Social service
111488 Gardening
111489 Tanning

10. As a student, how was she?

111490 A great student
111491 An average student
111492 She was very popular
111493 She still loves to read
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