Plant Nutrients Trivia Quiz! Test Your knowledge About Plant Nutrients Quiz

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Food is the basic need of all living organism and most of the living organisms get their food from plants. Plants and animals are the main sources of food for all human beings and animals. For good growth and development plants also need minerals and these minerals are called nutrients for plants. There are two types of nutrients one is macronutrient and another one is micronutrient. Let's test your knowledge about Plant Nutrients.

Questions Excerpt

1. Minerals needed by plants in large amount is called.....

A. Manures

B. Fertilizers

C. Macro nutrients

D. Micro nutrients

2. Which one is not an example of macronutrients?

A. Carbon

B. Hydrogen

C. Magnesium

D. Copper

3. Minerals needed by the plant in traces is called ....

A. Micro nutrients

B. Macro nutrients

C. Both of them

D. None of them

4. Which one is the example of micronutrients?

A. Sulphur

B. Boron

C. Oxygen

D. Phosphorus

5. Which one is the decomposed product of organic waste?

A. Weed

B. Pesticides

C. Manures

D. Fertilizers

6. Ammonium sulphate is an ......

A. Organic Manure

B. Weed

C. Weedicides

D. Inorganic fertilizer

7. Which one is the organic fertilizer?

A. Ammonium sulphate

B. Cow dung

C. Super phosphate

D. Sodium nitrate

8. Which one is nitrogenous fertilizer?

A. Urea

B. Super phosphate

C. Potassium nitrate

D. Ammonium phosphate

9. Which one is phosphorus-containing fertilizer?

A. Potassium nitrate

B. Urea

C. Super Phosphate

D. Ammonium nitrate

10. Which one is not potassium-containing fertilizer?

A. Potassium sulphate

B. Potassium nitrate

C. Potassium chloride

D. None of them


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