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Quiz: What Perfume Scent Should You Use?

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The scent is quite pleasant and attracts everyone to you. The aromatic blend of essential oils or aroma compounds and solvents give the pleasing smell. It can make a body or living-space fragrant and elevates mood. Are you a nature-loving individual or do you love to have citrus and flavorsome fruits? The perfume which is available in a variety of fragrances gives a pleasant smell to the body. Let us discuss in the below quiz about the type of perfume scent you should use.

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1. What is the name of your perfume scent?

55650 Flower from Kenzo
55651 No 5 from Chanel
55652 Intenso from D&G
55653 Aqua pour Homme from Bulgari

2. What is the name of the company that manufactures it?

55654 Kenzo
55655 Chanel
55656 Dolce and Gabbana
55657 Bulgari

3. Do you like perfume scents?

55658 Yes I do
55659 No, I do not
55660 I use sometimes
55661 I use only when necessary

4. How different is your perfume scent from others?

55662 Very different
55663 Quite similar
55664 Almost similar
55665 Better than others

5. How famous is your perfume scent?

55666 Quite well known among masses
55667 It was famous previously
55668 It is gaining popularity now
55669 I am not sure about it

6. How much does your perfume scent cost?

55670 100 dollars
55671 125 dollars
55672 175 dollars
55673 250 dollars

7. What your peers have to say about the perfume scent?

55674 They appreciate it very often
55675 They hate the smell
55676 They want to use it as well
55677 They are not sure about the perfume scent

8. Would you suggest your perfume scent to others?

55678 Yes, I would
55679 No, I will not
55680 I will rather use it myself
55681 Can’t say anything

9. How old is your perfume scent?

55682 It is a classic fragrance
55683 Half a century old
55684 More than a decade old
55685 It is rather new

10. What is bad about your perfume scent?

55686 It is highly intoxicating
55687 It contains excess alcohol
55688 It is north worth mentioning
55689 I hate it altogether.
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