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What Kind of Year Will You Have Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Do you have a list of goals you want to accomplish this year?

88766 Yes
88767 No
88768 Have goals but not written it
88769 Not sure

2. Are you expecting some big life changes this year?

88770 Yes
88771 No
88772 Some minor changes only
88773 Not sure

3. Any traveling plans this year?

88774 Yes
88775 No
88776 I might travel not planned yet
88777 Not sure

4. How are you going to celebrate your birthday this year?

88778 Like any other day
88779 Will throw a grand party
88780 Will spend time with loved ones
88781 None of these

5. How important is your family to you?

88782 Very important
88783 Somewhat important
88784 Not important
88785 Can’t Say

6. How important are friends and social life for you?

88786 Very Important
88787 Somewhat Important
88788 Not important
88789 Can’t Say

7. Are you a sports fan?

88790 Yes
88791 No
88792 Not much but watches tournaments
88793 Not sure

8. What will you do on a holiday?

88794 Play Games
88795 Watch a show
88796 Go for an outing
88797 Nothing

9. What do you do on a New Year's eve?

88798 Join Big Party
88799 Small Gathering
88800 Be yourself
88801 None of these

10. How important is social media for you?

88802 Very important
88803 Somewhat important
88804 Not important
88805 Not sure
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