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What Kind of Technology User Are You Quiz

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Technology is not limited to any specific area neither to any specific use nor to any specific users or field. Thus technology is widely used in different areas for development, growth, security or communication, etc, thus depending on the need and requirements of the user. The kind of technology being used also depends upon its user and also over the reason for the utilization of that technology. We cannot restrict anyone to use the technology or explore the various and different ways of using any specific or defined technology as no area is specifically defined by anyone for its use. Therefore with the growing world, we can also enlarge our area of usage of these skilled techniques.

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1. What is your basic area of interest in terms of this developing technology and science?

129625 Information
129626 Manufacturing
129627 Constructing
129628 Medical

2. With which gadget are you more handy and comfortable?

129629 Dekstop
129630 Tablet
129631 Mobile
129632 Anything

3. How much you are active over social media platforms?

129633 Always
129634 Rarely when bored
129635 Never
129636 When required

4. What sort of news do you prefer to know most?

129637 Scientific Research
129638 Builders news
129639 Manufacturing news
129640 All sort of news

5. When do you want to connect with anyone on which platform do you prefer most to connect?

129641 Call
129642 Email
129643 Whatsapp
129644 Linkedin

6. How much updated you are with the technology?

129645 20%
129646 50%
129647 75%
129648 100%

7. What sort of knowledge do you believe in more?

129649 Theoritical Knowledge
129650 Practical Knowledge
129651 Practical and Theoritical knowledge both
129652 No idea

8. What type of job you are interested to work?

129653 Onsite office work
129654 Field work
129655 Work from home
129656 Factory work

9. How frequently do you check your cell phone?

129657 When get any notification
129658 Rarely
129659 Mostly
129660 Always

10. What sort of applications/websites do you prefer to use when using a cell phone?

129661 Technical learning websites
129662 Entertainment application
129663 Communication application
129664 Anything, depends over the mood
Let’s start the quiz

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