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Quiz: What Kind of Party Goer are You?

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There are thousands of ways in which a person likes to party!! There are types of people who go to parties and some are also there who never party. Different kinds of people are there for different kinds of parties. You might be thinking what kind of party person are you? You might by now got a keen interest to know What Kind of Party Goer are You? Try out this quiz and get your right away and put a complete end to your utter eagerness!!

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1. Which word describes your personality?

94542 Generous
94543 Funny
94544 Quirky
94545 Frowny

2. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like to party?

94546 10
94547 8
94548 5
94549 1

3. Where are you found at a party?

94550 At a corner
94551 In the middle of dance floor
94552 By the bar
94553 Having snacks

4. When do you prefer to go home?

94554 Wait! Who's gonna go?
94555 Till the time I am drunk
94556 Very Quickly
94557 By midnight

5. What do you prefer to drink?

94558 Shots
94559 Juice
94560 Rum & Coke
94561 Cocktail

6. What's your type of party?

94562 Drinking games
94563 A nice dinner party
94564 Any party
94565 Dance party

7. Why do you go to parties?

94566 I am the organiser
94567 Heard about
94568 To meet new people
94569 To let loose

8. Which type of snacks do you prefer?

94570 Chinese/Italian
94571 Meat
94572 Vegan
94573 Anything works for me

9. Do you like to hook up at a party?

94574 Never
94575 Always
94576 Depends
94577 I have my partner

10. Have you ever said no to a party?

94578 Always
94579 Never
94580 Somewhat
94581 Depends on my scheduele
Let’s start the quiz

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