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What Is Your Copywriting Voice Quiz

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What you say effectiveness depends on how you say something. Copywriting is communicating the brand voice. Until you are not clear about the brand voice you cannot write an impressive copy. Are you unattached or free from upmarket trends? Take the quiz below so that you can know what is the copywriting voice that connects you better with your ideal clients.

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1. How long are you in the world of copywriting?

105288 I’m in my first year of it
105289 2+ years
105290 Content writing…ain’t it the same
105291 Planning to take a copywriting course soon

2. You use a laptop to-

105292 Tweak your website
105293 Check emails & social media
105294 Write an interesting blog post out of your creative imagination
105295 Message to your small business team

3. How do you start the blog post?

105296 With a personalized story
105297 Trivia resulted from relevant research
105298 Putting together the outline to make an interesting post
105299 Understanding the importance of the topic for audiences

4. What’s your biggest strength?

105300 Your ability to connect with people around you
105301 Your ability to spin a story around a past happening too quickly
105302 Your ability to focus on the bull’s eye
105303 Your learner mode is on every time

5. Your plan for the next 1-year includes:

105304 Enjoy doing plenty of creative stuff that you have never attempted
105305 What my financial spreadsheet made before January 1, possibly I can provide financial support to some needy
105306 Helping as many people as I can with some teaching
105307 Do more of what works well till now in a more organized and planned way

6. What is your sure shot way to destress?

105308 Solving Sudoku or Crossword
105309 Writing a diary
105310 Call your mom or friends and talk with the
105311 It’s art time! Painting a canvas or listening to the music

7. What is your work ethic?

105312 Dream big and give my full to achieve it
105313 Lead the people
105314 Make a work plan & work according to it
105315 Simplify and make significant changes

8. Which is the best adjective combination for you?

105316 Passionate & Forward-thinking
105317 Witty & Curious
105318 Welcoming & Approachable
105319 Artistic & Thoughtful

9. What do you think when you hear the word ‘Money’:

105320 Spend it
105321 Earn it
105322 Don’t let it vanish, save it
105323 Like stars in the sky

10. What are the qualities that guide your copy?

105324 Knowledge
105325 Creativity
105326 Approach
105327 All of the above
Let’s start the quiz

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