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What Is Your Writing Style Quiz

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Writing is the best way of driving your minds and emotions out. Your style guide must be known to ensure that you produce effective content for your audience. You can be more consistent and strengthened when needed. You can also tell your style to your boss or editor. So, take the quiz to know and understand your style of writing, and where you are getting up.

Let’s start the quiz

1. How would you use your writing to serve?

105188 Marketing a service or product
105189 Entertaining readers
105190 Promoting a person or brand
105191 Just to pen down my inner feelings

2. Which dictionary do you consult for spelling and punctuation?

105196 Oxford
105197 Nelson’s Gage
105198 Webster’s
105199 Merriam-Webster’s

3. How do you write ‘23’ in sentences?

105200 23
105201 Twenty-three
105202 Any, I don’t pay too much attention to this
105203 It’s confusing

4. What do you use most to support your writing?

105208 Facts and Figures
105209 My own opinion
105210 Qualities or features
105211 Voice of people

5. Which writing combines the facts and details of the research with the opinion of the author?

105212 Expository
105213 Persuasive
105214 Descriptive
105215 Narrative

6. What type of channels interest you?

105220 News channels
105221 Crime and investigative channels
105222 Movies channels
105223 Entertainment channels that have all spices like serials and reality shows together

7. The meaning of life-

105224 It’s a story
105225 It’s a mystery
105226 It’s a tragedy
105227 I don’t know

8. What you are as a person reflects in your writing. How would you describe yourself?

105232 Confident and motivating
105233 Curious
105234 Weird and hilarious
105235 Imaginative

9. If you have to wait for some time what will you do in the meantime?

105236 Look around and stare at something interesting
105237 Read the magazine or newspapers
105238 Heed to what others are talking
105239 Walk around

10. What kind of stories appeals to you?

105244 About alien and space
105245 Happenings in your city
105246 Politics
105247 Art events
Let’s start the quiz

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