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Quiz: What Type of Writing Are You Best At?

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What type of writer are you? When you are piled up with writing projects and struggle to find the right words it is an obvious question wandering into your mind. Your knowledge and research ability helps to write the best content. What are you passionate about; travel, technology, cooking, or interior design? Attempt the following fun quiz that seriously answers what type of writing are you best at.

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1. I believe-

105328 I can make anyone wander with me in my character’s land
105329 I can make anyone feel adventurous
105330 I can motivate anyone
105331 I can persuade a bald to buy a comb

2. If your top broke down what will you do?

105332 Call a plumber
105333 Take the tools & try fixing it
105334 Open a guide on mobile & know the root of the problem
105335 Ask anyone around you for help

3. What do you read?

105336 Analytical case studies
105337 Success stories
105338 Questions
105339 Techniques, Tips, Tricks

4. What is a step of invention?

105340 Idea
105341 Construct
105342 Brainstorm
105343 All of the above

5. How are your Research Skills?

105344 Very good
105345 Good
105346 Average
105347 Bad

6. Metacognitive:

105348 Discover
105349 Study
105350 Echo
105351 Replicate

7. You are inclined towards this genre-

105352 History
105353 Relationship
105354 Science
105355 Music and rhyming

8. Which of the following books you would never recommend anybody to read?

105356 The Bible
105357 50 shades of grey
105358 The fault in our Stars
105359 Milk & honey

9. When you explain something, the writing is called-

105360 Persuasive
105361 Descriptive
105362 Narrative
105363 Argumentative

10. Can you make readers take a new and positive action about something?

105364 Yes
105365 No
105366 Sometimes
105367 Not sure
Let’s start the quiz

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