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Quiz: What Is My Fursona?

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The animalistic change in personality called Fursona is different from all species. It varies significantly and no two species are similar. Do you have a pet? To which animal do you compare self or who is your best semblance furry species? It is interesting to find this. A particular Fursona species may have similar behavioral traits. This augurs well for its future generations. So reply to the questions from the below quiz with full honesty and let us find out your fursona.

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1. What furry species do you like?

55570 Wolf
55571 Tiger
55572 Lion
55573 Rabbit

2. What color do you prefer?

55574 Black and dark
55575 Brown and subtle
55576 White and pure
55577 Purple

3. How do you relax on a break?

55578 I prey on other animals
55579 I roam the forest
55580 I rest the whole day
55581 I play with my cubs

4. Are you different than others?

55582 I am very agile and energetic
55583 I feel dull and boring
55584 I am a mediocre species
55585 I am similar to others

5. Do you flaunt yourself?

55586 Yes, I do frequently
55587 No, I do not
55588 Rather sometimes
55589 I have nothing to say

6. Which foods do you like the most?

55590 Pizzas and pasta
55591 Cakes and muffins
55592 Fish and meat
55593 Vegetables and fruits

7. What do people perceive about you?

55594 They appreciate me all the time
55595 They criticize me all the time
55596 They make mild comments
55597 I have no idea

8. Are you the best Fursona species in your area?

55598 Yes I am the best
55599 I am very gentle and noble
55600 I am intimidating
55601 I do not know exactly

9. Are you attracted to some other Fursona species?

55602 Yes, I am
55603 No, not yet
55604 I am attracted to a species elder to me
55605 I am attracted to a species younger to me

10. What is bad about your Fursona?

55606 I am overhyped
55607 I am widely criticized
55608 I am underestimated
55609 I have nothing to say about it
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