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Quiz: How To Tell If Someone Is Your Best Friend?

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Is there a secret that only you and your friend know? You may have many friends but one of them you would choose to share secrets with. Do you believe he/she would keep it with her till the eternity? It is important to discover that can s/he be deemed ‘Your best friend’ and is trustable. Answer these 10 questions honestly to find out if your best friend is really your BFF.

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1. If you call your friend on prom night, broken, what did your friend do?

61382 Left the prom and came to see if everything is ok
61383 Said it’s too late and will see you tomorrow
61384 Counsel me over phone
61385 It doesn’t affect him/her

2. Have you ever felt cheated by your friend?

61386 No, she/he always makes me feel better
61387 Yes, a couple of times
61388 Often
61389 Yes, but never told him/her how bad I am feeling

3. Is still there is some secrete between you and your friend?

61390 No, they know everything
61391 A few things
61392 He/she is a good advisor
61393 Yes, because I don’t how will he/she reacts

4. How many times did you talk to each other?

61394 Every day, 2-3 times a day
61395 Every alternate day
61396 Once a week
61397 Once in months

5. How long did you know each other?

61398 We are together for more than 10 years
61399 A few months
61400 1-3 year
61401 5-8 years

6. Do you and your best friend remember each other’s birthday?

61402 Yes, we are the first one to wish the other
61403 No, I don’t remember
61404 No, my friend doesn’t remember
61405 Occasionally

7. Are you confident that you can trust your best friend to be honest?

61406 No, I am not sure
61407 Yes
61408 Somewhat
61409 I am not overconfident

8. Does your friend pressure you to do things that you don’t want to?

61410 Never
61411 Sometimes
61412 Often
61413 Always

9. Had you ever made excuse to avoid going out with him/her?

61414 Many times
61415 Never
61416 Only once or twice
61417 I love spending time with my friend

10. Have you ever overlooked your best friends call knowingly?

61418 Yes, sometimes
61419 Yes, when I am not in the mood to talk
61420 Most of the time
61421 Never, he/she may need me
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