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Quiz: What Stage Of Puberty Am I In? Let's Take This Quiz

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As an adult, you might be knowing about puberty: a time when your body goes through a lot of changes. There are several stages of puberty that hits a person under a certain age or life cycle. Both male and female at some point of time in their experience these stages. But do you know at which stage are you? You might think that you are experiencing the stage 1 but might be at stage 2 or another one? You might be keen to know at which stage are you? Well, then you must try this quiz and you will find an answer to the question Which Stage Of Puberty Am I In?

Let’s start the quiz

1. What is your foot size?

88886 5 or smaller
88887 8
88888 9-10
88889 11-12

2. DO you have an Adam's Apple?

88890 Somewhat
88891 Yes
88892 Not at all
88893 I can see a pointy figure forming

3. Are you getting erections lately?

88894 I don't even know what does it mean?
88895 When I am with my partner
88896 When I see something sexual
88897 Once a day

4. Have you ever masturbated?

88898 Yes, sometimes
88899 Never
88900 Twice a day
88901 Quite often

5. Do you have any facia hair?

88902 A lot
88903 Not at all
88904 Somewhat
88905 I look like a Viking if I do't shave

6. DO you have acne and pimples?

88906 None
88907 A lot
88908 Medium
88909 Some here and there

7. Do you have mood swings?

88910 Sometimes
88911 Quite Often
88912 Very much
88913 Not at all

8. Do you have arm hair or leg hair?

88914 Yes!
88915 None
88916 Bushy
88917 Some

9. DO you have chest hair?

88918 A lot
88919 Not at all
88920 Some
88921 Its a whole bushy there!

10. How fast you think you can develop a muscle?

88922 Not easily
88923 Developed after a while
88924 Medium Pace
88925 Fast
Let’s start the quiz

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