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What Hair Color Is Right For You Quiz Only For Girls

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Is it true that you are needed to make changes in your hair shading? We as a whole need a few changes at a point of time which will assist you with achieving some exceptional changes in your general look. In the event that you need the equivalent, at that point take this test to see which hair shading is directly for you!

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1. What is your present hair shading?

28314 Black
28315 Red
28316 Brown
28317 Blonde

2. What is your skin tone?

28318 Light/Fair
28319 Medium
28320 Dark
28321 Olive

3. What shading are your eyes?

28322 Hazel
28323 Blue
28324 Grey
28325 Brown

4. Which superstar' hair would you say you are searching for?

28326 Katy Perry
28327 Ariana Grande
28328 Mila Kunis
28329 Kate Hudson

5. How might you depict your design style?

28330 Preppy
28331 Chic
28332 Glamorous
28333 Edgy

6. What is your body type?

28334 Thin
28335 Chubby and Curvy
28336 Straight
28337 Slim

7. What is your haircut?

28338 Curly
28339 Straight
28340 Wavy
28341 None

8. To what extent is your hair?

28342 Medium length
28343 Very long
28344 Short
28345 Long

9. What is your face shape?

28346 Oblong
28347 Oval
28348 Round
28349 Diamond

10. What do you think search best for you?

28350 Dark Shades
28351 Light Shades
28352 Bright like Reds
28353 Medium Shades
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