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What Degree Should I Get Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What can be considered as your priority among the following subjects?

7811 Mathematics
7812 Science
7813 Social Education
7814 General Science

2. Do you like to interact with people or a crowd around you?

7815 Yes
7816 Sometimes
7817 No
7818 None of these

3. If you need to communicate to a stranger are you confident enough to do that?

7819 Yes
7820 No
7821 Sometimes
7822 Depends over the situation

4. According to you what plays a major role in one's life?

7823 Education
7824 Functionality
7825 Technology
7826 Health

5. What can be considered as your judgment base i.e at what criteria do you judge about any stranger or newly met person?

7827 Looks
7828 Attitude
7829 Knowledge
7830 Awareness about things

6. What type of Job Responsibilities do you like to take?

7831 Order others
7832 Helping others
7833 Spreading awareness
7834 Discovering technologies

7. What can be considered as your priority in your life for the future?

7835 Only achieveing heights of success
7836 Humanity
7837 Living your dreams
7838 To be healthy wealthy and wise

8. What you are dependent at most?

7839 Technologies and gadgets
7840 Controlling
7841 Exploring things
7842 Non of the above

9. What views do you have with respect to helping others?

7843 Generosity
7844 Selfishness
7845 Foolishness
7846 Kindness

10. What type of atmosphere attracts you more?

7847 When people are around you
7848 Alone to be in peace
7849 To be with family
7850 To be with your work
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