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Quiz: Which Creepypasta Character Do You Like Most?

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Questions & Options

1. How wide is your smile?

65946 I smile from ear to ear
65947 I have a small and flashy smile
65948 I laugh out very loud
65949 I wear a sad expression

2. How many friends do you have?

65950 I don’t have friends
65951 I don’t need friends
65952 My master is my only friend
65953 My pet is my only friend

3. Whom do you resemble?

65954 An animal
65955 Cartoon
65956 Fiction novel
65957 Superhuman

4. How often are you involved in fights?

65958 Every day I get into an argument
65959 No, I don’t fight
65960 Occasionally
65961 I fight at the mental level

5. What is your favorite place to live?

65962 My home
65963 Streets
65964 Vanity van
65965 Darkest forest

6. What is your method of revenge?

65966 Haunt them
65967 Kill them to pieces
65968 Give them poison
65969 Destroy their ability to think

7. Whom do you hate to the core?

65970 Cheaters
65971 Trespassers
65972 Liars
65973 Over smart people

8. Do you have a collection of knives?

65974 Yes, I have for kitchen knives
65975 No, that’s weird
65976 Yes, I have many of the oldest types
65977 I have some

9. What is more horrifying?

65978 A big cunning grin
65979 Faceless someone
65980 Someone with fangs and blood specks
65981 A ghoul

10. What mythical character are you?

65982 Unicorn
65983 Dragon
65984 Kupa
65985 Rachebra
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