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Quiz: What Celebrity Am I?

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Everyone dreams to look like a celebrity and somewhere they thought that their body or face resembles some celebrity in one way or the other. Am I having an analytical mind or great looks? Am I a rebel or god-fearing guy? Do I follow any celebrity? So if you’re curious to identify which celebrity you do look like then surely this quiz will help you out. Answer these 10 questions to know.

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1. What is the color of your hair?

64186 Golden Brown
64187 Dark Brown
64188 Black
64189 Jet Black

2. What is the color of your eyes?

64190 Brown
64191 Black
64192 Blue
64193 Hazel

3. Which term describes your personality?

64194 Adorable
64195 Fun-loving
64196 Generous and down to earth
64197 Talented

4. Which color do you like the most?

64198 Blue
64199 Green
64200 Pink
64201 Red

5. How many siblings do you have (excluding you)?

64202 None
64203 One elder brother and one elder sister
64204 One younger brother only
64205 One younger brother and one elder sister

6. Do you sing well and if so then are you known in the community for singing?

64210 Yes, I have gained popularity for my wonderful singing
64211 No, I use to sing in my leisure time only
64212 Yes, I am a good singer and singing is my profession
64213 I love writing songs

7. Which pet do you have at your home?

64214 Dogs
64215 Cats
64216 Turtle
64217 None

8. What do you do to have fun?

64218 I Party
64219 Do Shopping
64220 Accompany family and friends
64221 Go on a long drive

9. What’s your favorite dress for a party or any event?

64222 Jeans and Shirt
64223 Gown
64224 Sleeveless western dress
64225 A black off-shoulder dress

10. What’s the shape of your face?

64226 Square
64227 Round
64228 Oval
64229 Heart
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