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Quiz: What Are You Most Likely To Eat After A Stressful Day?

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Food is undoubtedly everyone's most important part! Everyone likes to have food, that too their most preferred one in almost every situation. But there are certain situations, in which we actually might even not even think of our food. That is the time when we are stressed or some anxiety is hitting us. But obviously, human nature tends to have some food. Have you thought about what type of food will you prefer in these types of days? Try out this very interesting quiz and get the answer to the question What are you most likely to eat after a stressful day?

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1. What is your personality?

121608 Generous
121609 Smart
121610 Quirky
121611 Agressive

2. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

121612 Extrovert
121613 Introverted Extrovert
121614 Extroverted Introvert
121615 Introvert

3. At what time do you sleep?

121616 11 pm
121617 10 pm
121618 12 pm
121619 2 am

4. How often do you take the stress?

121620 Very Often
121621 Often
121622 Somewhat
121623 Rarely

5. Do you feel tired throughout the day?

121624 Somewhat agree
121625 Somewhat disagree
121626 Disagree
121627 Agree

6. How often do you plan outings?

121628 Rarely
121629 Somewhat
121630 Often
121631 Very often

7. At what time do you wake up?

121632 6 am
121633 7 am
121634 9 am
121635 12 pm

8. Do you like to party?

121636 Somewhat agree
121637 Somewhat disagree
121638 Disagree
121639 Agree

9. How often do you talk about your stress?

121640 Often
121641 Somewhat
121642 Very often
121643 Rarely

10. Do you know how to cope up with your stress?

121644 Not at all
121645 Somewhat
121646 Depends on situation
121647 Yes, always

11. How often do you help others in dealing with stress?

121648 Somewhat
121649 Very often
121650 Rarely
121651 Often

12. What is your general mood when you get up in the morning?

121652 Frowny
121653 Sad
121654 Tired
121655 Sleepy
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