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What Age Will I Get Pregnant Quiz

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Being pregnant isn't simple, so you always consider factors before choosing to have a child. In the event that you are too certain that you need to be pregnant and might want to be a mum then take this quiz to know at what age you will get pregnant.

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1. What is your favorite sweet?

29042 Chocolates
29043 Cakes and pastries
29044 Donuts
29045 All of them

2. What’s your more favorite month of the year?

29046 December
29047 January
29048 June
29049 October

3. Do you find pregnant women beautiful?

29050 Yes, Of course
29051 I think so
29052 No
29053 All are beautiful

4. Do you already have a husband?

29054 Yes, I am married just 3 weeks ago
29055 No, I don’t want to
29056 I am engaged
29057 Still searching

5. What do you like about babies?

29058 They are so adorable and cute
29059 They are so innocent
29060 Their smile is priceless
29061 All of the above

6. Which cartoon show you like the most?

29062 Tom and Jerry
29063 Shinchan
29064 Pokemon
29065 Oggy and the Cockroaches

7. At what age you find best for pregnancy?

29066 25 years old
29067 23 years old
29068 27 to 28 years old
29069 None of the above

8. Do you think pregnancy can affect your behavior?

29070 I think not
29071 Yeah a lot
29072 It Depends
29073 Very much because of the mood swings and the strange craves.

9. What’s the right age to get married?

29074 At the age of 22 years
29075 25 years
29076 27 years
29077 29 years above

10. If you could pick your baby's gender, what would you pick?

29078 Girl
29079 Boy
29080 It doesn't matter to me
29081 I want twins
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