Vladimir Putin Quiz: How Much You Know About Vladimir Putin Russian President?

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Vladimir Putin, who doesn't know about the powerful president. He is the current Russian President and is considered to be the powerful president after the president of the United States Of America. Many people claim him to be a person with a genius mind and a ravishing soul who is always kind to his citizens and takes their good care. We often might have read about him in our textbooks or the internet or in the newspapers that the Russian defense system is the strongest among all the countries because of the amazing president. Let us now have a look at the amazing trivia quiz and see how much you can answer about the Russian President!

Questions Excerpt

1. What is the birthdate of Vladimir Putin?

A. 6 february, 1961

B. 28 january, 1960

C. 11 november, 1957

D. 7 october, 1952

2. What is the height of Vladimir Putin?

A. 1.8 meters

B. 1.7 meters

C. 1.6 meters

D. 1.5 meters

3. What other talents does Vladimir Putin store in himself?

A. Boxer

B. Cricketer

C. Judo

D. Writer

4. What is the favorite subject of Vladimir Putin?

A. Archaeology

B. Biology

C. Economics

D. Literature

5. Who is the favorite animal of Vladimir Putin?

A. Penguin

B. Mouse

C. Polar Bears

D. Cat

6. Which game has Vladimir Putin specialised in?

A. Soccer

B. Cricket

C. Football

D. Hockey

7. Who are the biggest fans of Vladimir Putin?

A. Bikers

B. Dancers

C. Racers

D. Writers

8. Who is the best friend of Vladimir Putin?

A. Narendra Modi

B. Steven Seagal

C. Donald Trump

D. Barack Obama

9. What is the favorite food of Vladimir Putin?

A. Continental

B. Chinese

C. Italian

D. Spanish

10. What position did Vladimir Putin hold in Russia before being president?

A. Finance Minister

B. Banker

C. Governer

D. Prime Minister

11. When did Vladimir Putin become president of Russia?

A. 2000

B. 2004

C. 2008

D. 2012

12. How many children does Vladimir Putin have?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

13. What is the mother's anme of Vladimir Putin?

A. Rezwan Putin

B. Catherine Putin

C. Maria Putin

D. Emila Putin

14. What is the religion of Vladimir Putin?

A. Islam

B. Buddhism

C. Jainism

D. Christian

15. When did Vladimir Putin become Secretary of the Russian Security Council?

A. 1990

B. 1993

C. 1996

D. 1999


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