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How To Know If He Really Likes You Or Not Quiz

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Some place at any period of life we all in all extremely like someone. So ladies if you have an incredible looking guy in your life of which you are not asserted his tendency for you, by then this test is for you. This will reveal to you whether he prefers you or whether he doesn't. So given us about we a chance to begin with the fingers crossed..

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1. What do you think that he knows u or not?

1103 Yes, we are friends
1104 May be
1105 Yes
1106 Don’t know

2. Where did you meet him?

1107 Office
1108 College
1109 Market
1110 Pub

3. What do you think whether he likes you or not?

1111 Yes , totally
1112 May be, not sure
1113 No
1114 May be only as friend

4. What do you think does he has girl fired?

1115 No
1116 Yes but they are thinking to break up
1117 I don’t know
1118 Doesn’t matter

5. How much you like him on the scale of 1-10?

1119 5
1120 6
1121 8
1122 10

6. What is best describe him?

1123 He is too good
1124 He is handsome like stud
1125 He is shy
1126 He is too funny

7. What is his favorite color?

1127 Red
1128 Grey
1129 Black may be
1130 White

8. Which color car he has?

1131 Red
1132 White
1133 Pearl
1134 Don’t know
Let’s start the quiz

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