Quiz: What Size Tampon Should I Use?

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The tampon is a menstrual product designed to absorb blood and vaginal secretions by inserting a tampon into the vagina during the time of menstruation. It is placed internally inside the vaginal canal. Once the tampon is inserted in a correct way it is held in place by the vagina and expands as it soaks up menstrual blood. Tampons are one of the ways or methods of absorbing menstrual flow during the period, it is a tube made of cotton wool that a woman can put inside her vagina.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel uncomfortable during your menstrual cycle?

A. Yeah get lot of cramps

B. Kind off

C. Not really

D. Hardly affect me

2. What is your menstrual cycle length?

A. 3-5 days

B. 3 days

C. 6-7 days

D. Less than 5 days

3. Have you experienced vaginal contraction during your period?

A. No

B. May be

C. Yes

D. No idea

4. How old are you?

A. 15-20 years

B. 12-14 years

C. 21-25 years

D. 26+ years

5. How long is a menstrual cycle for girls, in general?

A. 14 days

B. 21 days

C. 28 days

D. 30 days

6. Which product are you using currently?

A. Tampons

B. Menstrual Cup

C. Pads

D. Pantyliners

7. How often are you stained?

A. Mostly always

B. In teenage

C. Sometimes, when overflow

D. Never

8. Are you sexually active?

A. Yes

B. Somewhat active

C. Not active from long time

D. Not at all

9. What is your usual flow?

A. Light

B. Normal

C. Heavy

D. Over flow

10. Do you experience cramps during your menstrual cycle?

A. Rarely

B. Often

C. Yes

D. No

11. Do you have a child?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Teenager

D. About to get married

12. Do you use tampons?

A. Never

B. Always

C. Sometimes

D. When need to travel

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