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Check Your Knowledge About Organisms and the Environment Trivia Quiz

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The close interaction between the organism and the environment is essential to satisfy the basic necessity of life. The branch of biology that deals with the interaction of an organism with the environment are called ecology. Its origin is from the Greek word Oikos which means home and logos means to study. There is a two-division of ecology as per Schroter and Kirchners. The first one is autecology and another one is synecology. So take Organisms and the Environment quiz and know more about organisms and the environment.

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1. Who coined the term ecology?

43561 Ernst Haeckel
43562 Odum
43563 R.D Mishra
43564 Blackman

2. Which one of the following is the basic unit of ecology?

43565 Cell
43566 Gene
43567 Organism
43568 Community

3. In which of the atmospheric layer life exist?

43569 Stratosphere
43570 Ionosphere
43571 Mesosphere
43572 Troposphere

4. The peak concentration of ozone is about........ Km above the surface of Earth.

43573 10
43574 25
43575 40
43576 50

5. Which one of the following soils is rich in nutrients, having good water holding capacity and adequately treated?

43577 Loamy
43578 Silt
43579 Clay
43580 Sandy

6. If the range of tolerance is wide.....

43581 Distribution of organism is restricted
43582 Distribution of organism is wide
43583 It depends upon organism to restrict to one region or covers a wider area
43584 It has no impact on the distribution of organisms

7. What is the ultimate aim of ecological adaptation?

43585 Adjust to surrounding
43586 Get space for interbreeding
43587 Seek food and space for the survival of the organism
43588 None of the above

8. Which term is used for the variation among individuals produced by the influence of the condition of the habitat?

43589 Phenocopy
43590 Ecoplasticity
43591 Ecotype
43592 Phenotype plasticity

9. Which are the main climatic zones?

43593 Spring and autumn
43594 Temperate and tropical
43595 Tropical, subtropical, temperate, arctic and antarctic
43596 None of the above

10. Who is known as the father of ecology in India?

43597 Odum
43598 R.D. Mishra
43599 E.Haeckel
43600 Starsburger

11. Which of the UV rays is lethal?

43601 U.V.A
43602 U.VC
43603 U.V.B
43604 All of these

12. Which organisms having a wide range of degrees of tolerance?

43605 Stenotopic
43606 Ecotypes
43607 Ecophenes
43608 Eurytopic

13. The role of an organism is an ecological system is known as.......

43609 Niche
43610 Interaction
43611 Microhabitation
43612 Habitat

14. Which soil has the maximum water holding capacity?

43613 Sand
43614 Slit
43615 Clay
43616 Coarse sand

15. The law of tolerance was put forward by......

43617 V. Shelford
43618 Ram Deo Mishra
43619 Liebig
43620 Haeckel
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