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Wastewater Story Trivia Quiz For 7th Grade Students

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We use water every day in our daily lives, and in a common language, any water that has been contaminated by human use is called wastewater. The life of humans or animals, birds, and all living creatures is not possible without water. But we have to avoid wastewater and treat it. Wastewater treatment is a process that is used to remove contaminants from wastewater or sewage and is converted into a waste that can be returned to the water cycle with minimal impact on the environment, This process is called wastewater treatment and wastewater treatment is part of the overarching area of ​​sanitation. Every year a lot of students take the Class VII exam. But some students do not get good marks, due to which their further studies become difficult. So take this wastewater story quiz and get some good questions about the wastewater story for exam practice.

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1. Choose the name of two chemicals used for disinfecting wastewater.

113463 Calcium And potassium
113464 Chlorine And Ozone
113465 Chlorine And Calcium
113466 Sodium carbonate And Cellulose

2. Select the name of two things that can be made from sludge extracted during the treatment of sewage.

113467 Biogas And Protozoa
113468 Methane And Oxygen
113469 Biogas And Manure
113470 None of these

3. Give the name of two inorganic impurities which is present in sewage.

113471 Nitrates And Phosphates
113472 Calcium And Magnesium salts
113473 Silicates And Ferrous
113474 Nitrates And Carbon dioxide

4. Which of the following is not an example of on-site sewage disposal?

113475 Septic tanks
113476 Chemical toilets
113477 Composting pits
113478 Vegetable waste

5. What is called the common process of cleaning of wastewater?

113479 Water Treatment
113480 Sewage Treatment
113481 Chemical Treatment
113482 Bio-gas Treatment

6. When we celebrate world water day?

113483 22 April
113484 15 March
113485 22 March
113486 25 March

7. Choose the name of organisms that produce biogas from sludge in the digester tank of a wastewater treatment plant.

113487 Fungi
113488 Protozoa
113489 Anaerobic bacteria
113490 All of the above

8. Which of the following is a part of inorganic impurities of the sewage?

113491 Urea
113492 Phosphates
113493 Vegetable waste
113494 None of these

9. What is the full form of WWTP?

113495 Waste Water Treatment Plant
113496 Waste Water Treatment Plane
113497 Water Waste Tracking Plant
113498 Waste Water Treatment Planet

10. ................ play important role in sewage treatment.

113499 Bacteria
113500 Water
113501 Sewage
113502 Chemical

11. .................... is treated in a waste treatment plant.

113503 Wastewater
113504 Waste vegetable
113505 Waste soil
113506 All of the above

12. Choose the name of the plant which is suggested for purification of sewage pond water.

113507 Century Plant
113508 Christmas cheer plant
113509 Eucalyptus plant
113510 Kwanzan Cherry plant

13. The problem of water scarcity is increasing day by day because ....

113511 Pollution
113512 Population Growth
113513 Industrial Development
113514 All of the above

14. Which of the following is a waterborne disease?

113515 Cancer
113516 Typhoid
113517 Trachea
113518 Pneumonia
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