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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Rocket Man Dr K Sivan! How Much You Know About Dr K Sivan?

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A child, which educated in the village government school through Tamil medium, was born on 14 April 1957 in the house of 'Kailashavadivu' in the village of Sarakalavalai in Kanyakumari in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Family members made him famous by the name "Sivan". Sivan completed his BSc (Mathematics) from ST Hindu College, Nagercoil with 100 percent marks. Shivan did aeronautical engineering from MIT in 1980. He then did his PG in Engineering from Engineering (IISc). After sending more than a hundred satellites at a time by a launching vehicle, 'Dr.K.Siwan' came to be called Rocket Man. So, play this quiz on Dr. K. Sivan and increase your knowledge about the Rocketman.

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1. What is the mother name of Doctor K.Sivan?

25054 Chellam
25055 Makhtoonah
25056 Jyotishmati
25057 None of these

2. When is 'Doctor K.Shivani' elected for the post of Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) Director?

25058 March 2011
25059 Jun 2011
25060 April 2011
25061 March 2017

3. Doctor K.Sivan was appointed as the director of the liquid propulsion system for which organization in 2014?

25062 NASA
25063 ISRO
25064 Cosmos
25065 All of above

4. On 1 June 2015, Dr. K. Sivan was chosen as the director for which organization?

25066 Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre.
25067 Indian Space Research Organisation.
25068 Defence Research and Development Organisation.
25069 None of these.

5. When was Doctor K.Shivan elected as the chief of Indian Space Research Organisation?

25070 15 Jan 2019
25071 15 Jan 2017
25072 15 Jan 2018
25073 15 Jun 2018

6. When was Doctor K.Sivan join Indian Space Research Organisation center?

25074 1992
25075 1993
25076 2011
25077 1982

7. When was Dr. K Sivan, Chairman, ISRO was awarded Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Award by Tamil Nadu government?

25078 Aug 2017
25079 Aug 2019
25080 Aug 2011
25081 Aug 2018

8. Sivan is known for his significant contribution to the development of __________ engines, for India's space program.

25082 Cryogenic
25083 GSLV
25084 PSLV
25085 GSLV-||

9. When was Dr.K.Sivan got Dr.Biren Roy Space Science award?

25086 2010
25087 2013
25088 2012
25089 2011

10. When was Dr.Kailasavadivoo Sivan got 'Distinguished Alumnus Award' from Madras Institute of Technology?

25094 2011
25095 2014
25096 2013
25097 2019

11. Dr.K.Sivan was conferred Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) from Sathyabama University, Chennai in April.

25098 April 2016
25099 April 2015
25100 April 2019
25101 April 2014

12. Dr. K Sivan received the prestigious Indian Institute of Science Distinguished Alumnus Award by which state (2018).

25106 Madras
25107 Bangalore
25108 Chennai
25109 Bihar
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