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Test Your Knowledge About Jupiter Planet Trivia Quiz

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The information of Jupiter was very little until the 16th century. It was seen as just one big planet. During this time, a scientist named Galileo discovered four moons of the planet Jupiter. During this time it was also clear that all the planets do not revolve around the Earth, but it revolves around the sun. The planet Jupiter is so large that if it becomes just 80 times larger, it can be called a star. The atmosphere of Jupiter is similar to that of the Sun and is mainly composed of gases like hydrogen and helium. The planet Jupiter has four moons and many other small moons that orbit the planet. The solar system can also be called. Most of the time there are strong winds moving on the planet Jupiter, whose speed is faster than about 640 km per hour. Scientists are trying to get more information about Jupiter. Test your knowledge about the Jupiter Planet trivia quiz.

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1. Earth has a strong magnetic field, Jupiter's magnetic field is how many times stronger than Earth?

33983 10 times stronger
33984 20 times stronger
33985 100 times stronger
33986 1000 times stronger

2. Is the fastest spinning planet in the Solar System?

33987 Mars
33988 Venus
33989 Jupiter
33990 Earth

3. Which is major problem with sending space probes to Jupiter?

33991 Planet has rocky surface
33992 Planet has no solid surface
33993 Planet has liquid surface
33994 No anyone of above

4. Which is the moon of Jupiter planet?

33995 Europa
33996 Callisto
33997 Io
33998 All of above

5. What is the total number of Jupiter Moon's?

33999 66 moon's
34000 79 moon's
34001 86 moon's
34002 04 moon's

6. It is also the most massive at more than _________ the mass of Earth.

34003 03 times
34004 30 times
34005 300 times
34006 3000 times

7. How many years on Earth is 1 year of Jupiter?

34007 20 year's
34008 10 year's
34009 12 year's
34010 02 year's

8. In which year Jupiter's rings were discovered by NASA's Voyager 1 mission?

34011 In 1979
34012 In 1970
34013 In 1980
34014 In 1999

9. Jupiter has dark rings which are made up of dust and tiny pieces of _____________.

34015 Iron
34016 Rock
34017 Diamond
34018 All of above

10. Which is the name of Jupiter's smallest moon?

34019 Europa
34020 Callisto
34021 Io
34022 None of these

11. What is the radius of the Jupiter planet?

34023 99,900 km
34024 69,999 km
34025 99,911 km
34026 60,011 km

12. What is the diameter of the Jupiter planet which is given below?

34027 139,820 km
34028 339,820 km
34029 539,820 km
34030 639,820 km
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