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Quiz: How Long Would You Survive on Mars?

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Questions & Options

1. How about the idea of going to Mars?

89370 I am a game!
89371 Can I take my pet along?
89372 Do they have a restaurant there?
89373 Nope! I am fine here.

2. “Water at Mars is too salty for human use” what does this mean to you?

89374 I know what’s condensation
89375 Wow! New exfoliating scrub
89376 I can establish my salt company
89377 Dude than what I’ll drink?

3. There is less than 1% of oxygen in the atmosphere on Mars

89378 Obviously, I’ll take oxygen cylinders with me.
89379 Well I’ll try to breathless
89380 What about oxygen supplies to Mars?
89381 In that case, I am gonna die soon

4. What about your dressing on that planet?

89382 It will be a spacesuit
89383 I look good in casuals
89384 Do they have a shopping mall there
89385 Primitive people don’t wear many clothes

5. What would you like to drink before you leave for Mars?

89386 Vodka
89387 Red Wine my favorite!
89388 Take away available?
89389 I love my beer cold.

6. What’s the biggest natural danger on Mars?

89390 Volcanos
89391 UV rays I guess
89392 Sandstorms but I’ll take some masks
89393 No fruits so no juices

7. How long is a year at Mars?

89394 Twice of earth calendar
89395 Is it different?
89396 If I’ve to live there does it matter?
89397 How will I celebrate my New Year’s Eve there?

8. What you gonna eat on Mars?

89398 The soil there is fertile enough to grow crops.
89399 I’ll rather diet
89400 Will take my stuff along
89401 Will buy it from supermarkets nearby

9. What’s the best food to survive on Mars?

89402 Potatoes
89403 Hotdogs
89404 Whatever I’ve got
89405 Depends on the restaurant menu

10. There are no mobile networks on Mars for social media

89406 It doesn’t matter it is a waste of time!
89407 Well, I’ll publish my stories when I’ll be back
89408 Let’s start mobile services there
89409 Sorry, I quit!
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