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Trivia Quiz On Collisions and Momentum In Physics

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The Collision a phenomenon in which two moving objects touch each other exerts a strong force (impact) only for a short period. Before and after a collision, the sum of the motion and angular momentum of the two objects does not change, but the kinetic energy is partially converted to thermal energy. The ideal case where the kinetic energy is conserved is called a fully elastic collision. If an object moves in relation to time relative to other objects, this state of the object is called motion. In general terms, the meaning of motion - change in the position of an object is called motion.

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1. Which one is correct about collisions according to the Law of Momentum Conservation?

60310 Some momentum will be lost
60311 The momentum of each object must stay the same
60312 The total momentum of the objects must remain the same
60313 All of the above

2. Which of the following are the types of Collisions?

60314 Perfectly elastic collision
60315 Inelastic collision
60316 perfectly inelastic collision.
60317 All of the above

3. A perfectly elastic collision is defined as one in which there is no loss of......................

60318 Kinetic energy
60319 Internal energy
60320 Momentum
60321 All of the above

4. Which one letter is typically used to represent momentum in physic equations?

60322 w
60323 v
60324 b
60325 p

5. Which of the following is the formula Momentum?

60326 Mass * Velocity
60327 Mass * Acceleration
60328 Mass * Voltage
60329 Mass * Power

6. Which one is the unit of measurement for momentum?

60330 kg m/s
60331 N m/s
60332 N
60333 J/s

7. What is called the kinetic energy is not conserved, and the colliding objects stick together after the collision?

60334 Inelastic collision
60335 Elastic collision
60336 Completely inelastic collision
60337 None of these

8. What is called the kinetic energy is not conserved?

60338 Inelastic collision
60339 Elastic collision
60340 Completely inelastic collision
60341 None of these

9. What is called the kinetic energy is conserved?

60342 Completely inelastic collision
60343 Elastic collision
60344 Inelastic collision
60345 All of the above

10. The momentum which type of quantity?

60346 Vector quantity
60347 Scalar quantity
60348 Both of the above
60349 None of these
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