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Test Your Knowledge About Indian Geography Quiz Questions And Answers

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India is the 7th largest country in the world on the basis of area, 3214 Kilometers from North to South & 2933 kilometers from east to west. It is lying between latitude 8 degree 4' to 37 degrees 6' N & longitude 68 degrees 7' E to 97 degrees 25' E. Let's take an awesome trivia quiz about Indian Geography.

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1. Lakshadweep is a group of how many islands?

56018 22
56019 28
56020 32
56021 36

2. Which one of the following mountain peaks of Himalayas is not in India?

56022 Annpurna
56023 Nanda Devi
56024 Mount kamet
56025 Nanga Parvat

3. The second highest peak in the world is.....

56026 Kanchenjunga
56027 K-2
56028 Nanda Devi
56029 Lhotse

4. The highest peak in South India is.....

56030 Doda betta
56031 Makurti
56032 Anaimudi
56033 None of the above

5. Which one of the following the main difference between the western and Eastern Ghats?

56034 Height
56035 Continuity
56036 Proximity to the coast
56037 Vegetation

6. Which one of the following is the junction point of the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats?

56038 Javadi Hills
56039 Anamalai Hills
56040 Nilgiri Hills
56041 Shevaroy Hills

7. By which name does the Brahmaputra enter into India?

56042 Manas
56043 Dhansiri
56044 Dihang
56045 Tsangpo

8. The river Basin which is called Ruhr of India is.......

56046 Damodar
56047 Hooghly
56048 Godavari
56049 Subernarekha

9. Which of the following is the longest river in India?

56050 Ganga
56051 Narmada
56052 Brahmaputra
56053 Godavari

10. The longest river of Peninsular India is.....

56054 Narmada
56055 Mahanadi
56056 Godavari
56057 Kaveri

11. Teesta forms a part of which major river system?

56058 Ganga
56059 Krishna
56060 Kaveri
56061 Brahmaputra

12. Which rivers are known as Vridha Ganga?

56062 Godavari
56063 Mahanadi
56064 Krishna
56065 Kaveri
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