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SEO Interview Questions Answers Quiz! How Much You Know About SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization is a process to grow your business visibility in the search engine. This is a machine language algorithm to appearing in the search engine but for this, we are doing much of things like SEO Onpage, Offpage & technical SEO. We can say, SEO is the fundamental thing to run your business, without SEO we can not run our business properly. As a business owner, digital employee & digital farm, all should aware of SEO & search engine algorithm. Let's test your knowledge with an awesome trivia quiz about SEO.

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1. What is the full form of SEO?

41627 Search Engine Optimization
41628 Show Energy Optimization
41629 Both of the above
41630 None of the above

2. What is the purpose of SEO?

41631 Increase traffic growth
41632 Increase search engine ranking
41633 Increase ROI & business
41634 All of the above

3. What is the meaning of metadata in SEO?

41635 Website page title
41636 Website page description
41637 Website page keyword
41638 All of the above

4. What is the full form of SERP?

41639 Search Engine Result Page
41640 Search Engine Ranking Page
41641 Search Engine Rating Page
41642 None of the above

5. What is the Robots.txt file?

41643 Robots.txt file allows the search engine to crawl the page
41644 Robots.txt file disallow search engine to crawl the page
41645 Both of the above
41646 None of the above

6. What is the meaning of the Noindex tag?

41647 Search Engine will not index your page
41648 Search Engine will index your page
41649 Both of the above
41650 None of the above

7. What is the meaning of the Nofollow tag?

41651 Search Engine will not count the specific link
41652 Search Engine will count the specific link
41653 Both of the above
41654 None of the above

8. What is the meaning of 301 redirections?

41655 301 redirection means permanent redirection
41656 301 redirection means temporary redirection
41657 Both of the above
41658 None of the above

9. What is the meaning of 302 redirections?

41659 302 redirection means temporary redirection
41660 302 redirection means permanent redirection
41661 Both of the above
41662 None of the above

10. What is the meaning of responsive web design?

41663 Website dynamically adapt the user device & screen size
41664 Website strategically adapt the user device & screen size
41665 Both of the above
41666 None of the above
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