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Quiz: Which The Cheetah Girls Are You?

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Cheetah Girls are a group of girls who have the courage to take the world by storm with their music or can say with their talent. These cheetah girls are blessed with the talent to inspire everyone with their charm and dedication to achieve success and fame among all. They have the dedication and courage to keep themself motivated and charged with the positivity to win over any challenge apart from what the hurdles and circumstances they are going to face.

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1. What is your number one and all-time spot color?

133690 Yellow
133691 Pink
133692 Blue
133693 Black

2. Which one of the following is your favorite or number one cheetah jam whom you like the most?

133694 Cheetah Sisters
133695 Girl Power
133696 Together we can
133697 Cinderella

3. Among the following what is most important to you in your life?

133698 Money
133699 Family
133700 Friends
133701 Passion & Career

4. Which word describes you the best?

133702 Smart
133703 Loyal
133704 Passionate
133705 Humble

5. Whom you trust the most in your life?

133706 Mother
133707 Best Friend
133708 Sister
133709 No-One

6. What do you think is your best fit style that can easily attract the attention of others towards you?

133710 Bright Red Lipstick
133711 Platform Heels
133712 Statement Necklace
133713 Pearls

7. What is your all time favorite food?

133714 Chinese Food
133715 Mexican Food
133716 Indian Food
133717 Italian Food

8. Which place do you desire the most to visit?

133718 Paris
133719 Barcelona
133720 Milan
133721 New York

9. According to you what are the major power a team must sustain?

133722 Giving 100% in all the performance
133723 High Motivation
133724 Keeping the harmonies high and strong
133725 The ability to hit that high challenge

10. Which of the following boy band you think is most active and in glimpse?

133726 R5
133727 One Direction
133728 Backstreet Boys
133729 Jonas Brothers
Let’s start the quiz

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