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Quiz: Which Church Should I go To?

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Questions & Options

1. Are you religious?

122804 Yes, very much
122805 No, not at all
122806 Maybe, don't have an idea
122807 Don't want to answer

2. Do you believe in reforms?

122808 Yes, there must be scientific reforms
122809 No, changes are harmful
122810 Reforms do not matter
122811 Radical reforms would be helpful

3. What attracts you the most in a Church?

122812 Sculpture
122813 People
122814 Ambiance
122815 Historical background

4. Which adjective describes you the most as a person?

122816 Calm
122817 Wild
122818 Loud
122819 Friendly

5. Which Church Government works best for you?

122820 Congregational
122821 Presbyterian
122822 Episcopal
122823 Connexionalism

6. What are the things you use the most for worship?

122824 Incenses and candles
122825 Bread and Wine
122826 Things do not matter in worship
122827 Don't want to answer

7. Do you believe in baptism?

122828 Yes, strongly
122829 No, not at all
122830 Maybe, don't have any idea
122831 Don't want to answer

8. What is your biggest fear?

122832 God
122833 Parents
122834 Darkness
122835 Nothing

9. What is your opinion about other religions and castes?

122836 I am secular
122837 Different religions have different beliefs
122838 Religions and castes do not matter
122839 Religious barriers should be removed

10. How often do you visit a Church?

122840 Regularly
122841 Once in a week
122842 Once in a month
122843 Very rare
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