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Most of us are familiar with the well-known social media influencers who have enhanced the happiness and quality of our lives. You may find a range of social media influencers by just searching the internet. They can add a little bit of style and make your life seem amazing to you and others. However, who on social media should you put your trust in the most if you want to draw attention to yourself and build a new brand? One of these very extraordinary online personas is Pierson Oglesby, a well-known and popular social media personality. Do you regard yourself as an authority on her? Then, take this awesome test to get the answers.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is the birthdate of Pierson?

A. 6 February

B. 16 January

C. 31 December

D. 29 September

2. What is the zodiac sign of Pierson?

A. Scorpio

B. Aquarius

C. Libra

D. Virgo

3. What is the eye color of Pierson?

A. Blistering Brown

B. Hazel Green

C. Sea Blue

D. Black

4. What is the hair color of Pierson?

A. Blonde

B. Brown

C. Grey

D. Black

5. What are the top professions of Pierson?

A. Photographer

B. YouTuber

C. Water Skier

D. All of the above

6. Where was Pierson born?

A. Canada

B. Vietnam

C. Virginia

D. America

7. For which YouTube channel is Pierson widely known?

A. OG Boyzz

B. O3 Guys

C. Lamers

D. ItsFunneh

8. Who is the best friend of Pierson?

A. Payte parker

B. Ryan Dulip

C. Zack Ryder

D. Aston mathews

9. When was Pierson invited to be the part of "the fantastic Four"?

A. 2015

B. 2010

C. 2013

D. 2014

10. With whom did Pierson did some of his videos?

A. Zack ryder

B. Payte Parker

C. Walker Rogers

D. None of these

11. What is the instagram handle of Pierson?

A. Imagesofp

B. pixbypierson

C. pixwithmagic

D. pix&pierson

12. How many subscribers does the channel with whom Pierson works have?

A. 20,000

B. 13,000

C. 14,000

D. 18,000


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