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Nutrition In Animals Trivia Quiz For 7th Grade Students

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Nutrition is the biological nutrient required for organisms for growth, maintenance, reproduction, and repair. It is an essential process for the survival of an organism. Living organisms require energy to survive and this energy comes from nutrients or food. Heterotrophs are organisms that cannot synthesize their own food and are therefore completely dependent on organic materials for nutrition. The animals are heterotrophs and are divided into three categories; Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and omnivorous. Let's test your self about nutrition in animals for 7th-grade students.

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1. Animals that eat only plants are called ....

123264 Vegetarian
123265 Omnivores
123266 Non-vegetarian
123267 All of the above

2. The saliva secreted in the mouth digests ...

123268 Proteins
123269 Starch
123270 Fats
123271 Vitamins

3. What is a sponge?

123272 A foss
123273 A plant
123274 An animal
123275 A fungus

4. Which of the following animal are called the friend of the farmer?

123276 Ant
123277 Earthworm
123278 Butterfly
123279 Snail

5. Which of the following are ruminant animals?

123280 Goat
123281 Buffalo
123282 Camel
123283 All of these

6. Which of the following is not a part of nutrition?

123284 Digestion
123285 Absorption
123286 Assimilation
123287 Excretion

7. Most of the animals take food in the form of solids snd this process is called ...

123288 Holozoic nutrition
123289 Parasitic nutrition
123290 Saprozoic nutrition
123291 Symbiotic nutrition

8. Animals that eat only meat is called ...

123292 Carnivores
123293 Omnivores
123294 Non-vegetarian
123295 Vegetarian

9. What is the process of consuming food in the body?

123296 Digestion
123297 Assimilation
123298 Egestion
123299 Ingestion

10. Animals that eat both meat & plants are called ...

123300 Vegetarian
123301 Carnivores
123302 Omnivores
123303 None of these
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