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National Register of Citizens-NRC Trivia Quiz

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The final list of Assam's National Citizen Register has been released in which the names of more than 19 lakh applicants have not been included. It is noteworthy that the final draft of the National Civil Register was released in the year 2018. In which 40 lakh people were excluded from the list of NRC. In the year 1905, the British partitioned Bengal. After this, a new province was created in the form of East Bengal and Assam. Assam was then linked to East Bengal. When the country was divided, there was a fear that Assam should not be separated from India by joining East Pakistan. After this, the Assam rebellion started. After this campaign, Assam was able to defend itself, but Sylhet moved to East Pakistan. In the year 1950, Assam became the state of the country. The citizenship register was prepared after the census of 1951 and included the residents of Assam. Let's test your knowledge about the National Register of Citizens-NRC Quiz.

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1. NRC citizens of the year 1951 are automatically eligible to join the updated NRC...

50250 Birth certificate
50251 Land record
50252 Documents that were issued before- the specified date
50253 All of the above

2. The Assam rebellion started in the 80s decade under the leadership of...

50254 Jayaprakash Narayan
50255 Gopinath Bordoli
50256 Bishnuram Medhi
50257 Maniram Dewan

3. According to the NRC, people living in Assam before 25 March ____________ have been considered as Indian citizens.

50258 25 March 1971
50259 25 March 1981
50260 25 March 1991
50261 25 March 1961

4. In which year did the government decide to update the 1951 National Civil Register?

50262 In 2000
50263 In 2002
50264 In 2005
50265 In 2014

5. When was the Assam Accord signed in Assam by the agitating student?

50266 On 25 August 1985
50267 On 15 August 1947
50268 On 15 August 1950
50269 On 15 August 1985

6. Who was the Prime Minister of India at that time, Assam Accord signed at this time?

50270 Indira Gandhi
50271 Rajiv Gandhi
50272 Sanjay Gandhi
50273 Feroze Gandhi

7. The Assam Movement was started with which issue?

50274 Deportation
50275 Banishment
50276 Expatriation
50277 All of the above

8. Illegal expatriates may approach the NRC within a timeframe to appeal to a ______________ with a certified copy of the rejection order.

50278 Foreign tribunal
50279 Supreme Court
50280 High Court
50281 Election commission

9. Which is the full meaning of AASU in Assam Accord?

50282 All Accord Students Union
50283 All Assam Students Union
50284 All Alliance Students Union
50285 None of these

10. How many days were given to appeal against the civil boycott?

50286 100 days
50287 150 days
50288 120 days
50289 200 days

11. Who has the right to declare any person a foreigner?

50290 Foreigners Tribunals
50291 Election Commission of India
50292 Foreigners Act
50293 All of the above

12. When was "D Voter" constructed by the Election Commission of India?

50294 In 1999
50295 In 1997
50296 In 1987
50297 In 1977
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