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Quiz: How Well You Know About Felicity Huffman?

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Felicity Huffman is a popular American actress. she is best known for acting on stage, television series, and films — including the portrayal of a frenzied mother Lynette Scavo on the most popular prime-time comedy Desperate Housewives. Huffman was born in Bedford, New York City, received his primary education from a private boarding high school in Putney, Vermont,. And then graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan in 1981. After graduation, Huffman studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. And then Huffman began her acting career in theater, and became a successful actress in the 1990s, playing several supporting roles in film and television as well. So let's start this quiz and know about Felicity Huffman.

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1. When was Felicity Huffman born?

110590 19 December 1960
110591 09 November 1965
110592 09 December 1962
110593 29 November 1962

2. In which movie she made her movie debut?

110598 Magnolia
110599 Otherhood
110600 Georgia Rule
110601 Things Change

3. In which play she made her Broadway debut?

110602 Death of a Salesman
110603 Speed The Pillow
110604 The Glass Menagerie
110605 A Raisin in the Sun

4. For which movie she was nominated for Academy Award?

110606 Rudderless
110607 Raising Helen
110608 Transamerica
110609 Path To War

5. In which year she won Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series?

110610 2005
110611 2007
110612 2009
110613 2011

6. Which character was portrayed by her in the movie "Reversal of Fortune"?

110614 Sarah
110615 Minnie
110616 Nancy
110617 Ellen

7. Which character was portrayed by her in the series "Desperate Housewives"?

110618 Renee Perry
110619 Susan Mayer
110620 Lynette Scavo
110621 Gabrielle Solis

8. Which character was portrayed by her in the movie "The Spanish Prisoner"?

110622 Resort
110623 Pat McCune
110624 Susan Ricci
110625 None of these

9. Which movie did she star with Jennifer Aniston?

110626 Cake
110627 Crystal
110628 Hackers
110629 Big Game

10. In which year she was honored with Obie Award for Performance?

110630 1990
110631 1992
110632 1995
110633 1998
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