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Quiz: How Well Do You Know About Kelsey Robinson an American Volleyball Player?

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Kelsey Robinson is an American volleyball player, a councilor of the United States women's national volleyball team and a 2016 Olympic Games bronze medalist. She played college women's volleyball at the University of Tennessee and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Robinson was part of the USA national team that won the 2014 World Championship gold medal when their team defeated China Three-One in the final match. Let's know more about Kelsey Robinson is an American volleyball player.

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1. When was he born in the United States?

66078 25 June 1990
66079 25 June 1991
66080 25 June 1992
66081 25 June 1993

2. Which of the following is the Nickname of Kelsey Robinson?

66082 Ke$ha
66083 Karsta Lowe
66084 Michelle Bartsch
66085 All of the above

3. Which is their current club?

66086 Fenerbahce Opet
66087 Leonas de Ponce
66088 Vakıfbank Istanbul
66089 All of the above

4. When was she won gold at the world championship?

66090 2012 Italy
66091 2014 Italy
66092 2016 Italy
66093 2014 Tokyo

5. Which medal did she win in FIVB World Grand Prix played in Omaha 2015?

66094 Gold medal
66095 Silver medal
66096 Bronze medal
66097 All of the above

6. Which medal did she win in FIVB World Grand Prix played in Bangkok 2016?

66098 Gold medal
66099 Silver medal
66100 Bronze medal
66101 All of the above

7. Which medal did she win in FIVB Nations League played in Nanjing 2018?

66102 Gold medal
66103 Silver medal
66104 Bronze medal
66105 None of these

8. Which medal did she win in FIVB Nations League played in Nanjing 2019?

66106 Gold medal
66107 Silver medal
66108 Bronze medal
66109 All of the above

9. Kelsey Robinson was part of which club in 2017-18?

66110 Italian League Championship
66111 CEV Champions League
66112 Turkish League
66113 None of these

10. When she got the Italian League "Most Valuable Player"?

66114 2011-12
66115 2014-15
66116 2015-16
66117 2018-19
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