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Weather And Climate Quiz Question And Answer For 7th Grade Students

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The state of the atmosphere at a particular time in a particular place is called the weather. In this state of the atmosphere, the temperature, humidity, airflow, pressure, fog, rain, snowfall of that particular place are all included. The weather of a place is variable and it can also change from day today. The weather also depends on the location and that is why there is a difference in the weather of different regions. Climate is the almost permanent condition of the atmosphere of a place. Climate can be considered as a broad form of weather, but the climate is used for large geographical areas for large periods. In other words, one can say that the climate includes all the elements of weather. The average of at least thirty years of temperature, air pressure, airflow, humidity, rainfall, etc. of a large area is called the climate of that region. So take this quiz on weather and climate.

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1. How many types of weather?

119424 5
119425 3
119426 7
119427 2

2. How many types of climate in India?

119428 5
119429 1
119430 6
119431 2

3. Cloud is made up of ....

119432 Gases
119433 Rain or snow
119434 water droplets
119435 All of these

4. Most parts of India receive rainfall during .....

119436 December to February
119437 March to May
119438 June to September
119439 October to November

5. In which of the following places of India precipitation is in form of snowfall?

119440 Shillong
119441 Drass
119442 Chandigarh
119443 Haridwar

6. The average rainfall in India is ...

119444 98 cm
119445 118 cm
119446 125 cm
119447 138 cm

7. In India which of the following places have cooler climate even during summers?

119448 Allahabad
119449 Mumbai
119450 Mussoorie
119451 Amritsar

8. Rainfall during winters in the north-western part of India caused by ....

119452 Cyclonic depression
119453 Western disturbances
119454 Retreating monsoon
119455 South-west monsoon

9. Monsoon arrives in India approximately in ...

119456 Early July
119457 Early June
119458 Early May
119459 Early August

10. The scientific study of weather and climatic conditions is called ___________.

119460 Psychology
119461 Meteorology
119462 Biology
119463 Orthology
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