Are You a Fan of Bugs Bunny? Quiz

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Are you a fan of Bugs Bunny? How well do you know about Bugs Bunny? Do you think you know everything about Bugs Bunny? Bugs Bunny is a famous animated character known for his quick wit and iconic catchphrase, "What's up, Doc?" He's a gray hair with a laid-back and nonchalant personality. Created by Warner Bros., Bugs is a central figure in Looney Tunes cartoons, where he often outsmarts his adversaries, such as Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam. His carrot-chomping habit and clever antics have made him a beloved cultural icon in the world of animation, and he's recognized worldwide for his enduring popularity. If you want to know how well you know about Bugs Bunny, then just take this quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. What color is Bugs Bunny?

A. Gray

B. White

C. Red

D. Yellow

2. Who is Bugs Bunny's arch-nemesis?

A. Daffy Duck

B. Elmer Fudd

C. Porky Pig

D. Tweety Bird

3. What does Bugs Bunny often eat in the cartoons?

A. Pizza

B. Ice cream

C. Carrots

D. Hamburgers

4. In which decade was Bugs Bunny first introduced?

A. 1920s

B. 1940s

C. 1930s

D. 1950s

5. What type of clothing does Bugs Bunny typically wear?

A. Tuxedo

B. Overalls

C. Nothing

D. Hawaiian shirt

6. What was Bugs Bunny's original name when he was first created?

A. Wacky Rabbit

B. Bugs Bunny

C. Happy Bunny

D. Happy Hopper

7. Which famous animation studio created Bugs Bunny?

A. Disney

B. DreamWorks

C. Warner Bros.

D. Universal Pictures

8. Who is the voice actor known for providing the voice of Bugs Bunny for many years?

A. Mel Blanc

B. Billy West

C. Jim Carrey

D. Dan Castellaneta

9. What is the name of Bugs Bunny's female counterpart and love interest?

A. Lola Bunny

B. Daisy Duck

C. Minnie Mouse

D. Miss Piggy

10. Bugs Bunny's first appearance was in which animated short film?

A. A Wild Hare

B. Duck Amuck

C. What's Opera, Doc

D. The Rabbit of Seville

11. In which city did Bugs Bunny often find himself in humorous or precarious situations?

A. Chicago

B. Las Vegas

C. New York City

D. Los Angeles

12. What musical instrument is Bugs Bunny known for playing in some cartoons?

A. Violin

B. Banjo

C. Piano

D. Trumpet

13. Bugs Bunny has appeared in several feature-length films. Which of the following is one of those films?

A. The Flintstones

B. Space Jam

C. The Incredibles

D. None of these


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