How Fertile Am I Quiz

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Lifestyle factors could limit fertility as they affect hormone levels in an individual. A self-diagnosis of how fertile am I give you an initial idea of your reproductive health, especially when you are trying to get pregnant. So, it is kind of an alert. Are you searching for authentic analysis that is also fun? Don’t be shy and answer these 10 questions below.

Questions Excerpt

1. You are a female in the age-range:

A. 16-25

B. 26-30

C. 30-40

D. 41 or more than that

2. How long you have been trying to get pregnant?

A. 3 months

B. 6-12 months

C. More than 1 year

D. Not planning yet

3. Did you have any pelvic surgery in the past?

A. No prior surgery

B. Minor uterine surgery

C. Uterus cyst removal surgery

D. I have got removal of an ovary

4. Are you or your partner Diabetic?

A. Me

B. He

C. We both are Diabetic

D. None of us are Diabetic

5. How many healthy pregnancies have you had?

A. 2

B. 3

C. This will be my first

D. I suffered couple of abortions/miscarriages

6. Are you underweight or overweight?

A. Underweight

B. Overweight

C. Just right

D. Slightly underweight

7. Have you or your partner suffered a sexually transmitted disease?

A. Yes

B. No

C. I don’t want to reveal

D. Is it required?

8. What is the frequency of sexual intercourse?

A. More than 3 time a week

B. Once a week

C. Once a month

D. No partner

9. Has the male partner suffered any of these problems?

A. Low sperm count

B. Low sperm motility

C. Erectile dysfunction

D. None of the above

10. How often do you smoke?

A. Rarely

B. Sometimes

C. 5-6 cigarettes a day

D. I don’t smoke

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