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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?

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Questions & Options

1. Do you realize your accomplice's center name?

18410 Yes
18411 No
18412 Yes I know, however not certain
18413 Does it truly matter

2. Would you be able to name their whole kin and cousins?

18414 No
18415 Yes
18416 I don't know
18417 He/she never let me know

3. Do you realize their mom's original last name?

18418 Yes
18419 No
18420 We were never talking about this
18421 This is totally out of the container type question

4. Have you divulged the old school mystery that you've never told anybody?

18422 No
18423 Yes
18424 I don't have any mystery
18425 Not yet, yet soon I will

5. Do you know the name of their work for?

18426 Oh! I overlooked
18427 Yes I do
18428 No
18429 Maybe

6. Do you know their preferred garments thing to wear?

18430 Yes
18431 No
18432 I know he/she prefers the white shirt
18433 Actually, I have never seen this

7. Would you be able to name all their youth pets?

18434 Yes
18435 No
18436 It's Ashley, I think
18437 Not into this sort of discussion

8. Do you realize their preferred inexpensive food place?

18438 Yes
18439 No not in any way
18440 He/She doesn't care for an excess of inexpensive food
18441 Never inquired

9. Would you be able to name their preferred film?

18442 Yes I know this
18443 No
18444 Only inclines toward web arrangement
18445 Doesn't adhere to a solitary motion picture

10. Do you realize how to quiet down your accomplice?

18446 Yes with a sentimental tune
18447 No, I never did
18448 He/she is so cool and quiet
18449 Don't know
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