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How Well Do You Know Me Quiz

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Anyone who knows you and admires you surely know about you and your likes and dislikes. You do not need to explain that what you like and what you don't, the person themselves are able to explore about you and your personality. They believe in exploring you and your habitats rather than predicting and imposing things over you.

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1. What is the best thing you love to do at weekends?

7731 Sleep
7732 Watch Movie
7733 Hangout
7734 To do Pending Work

2. In general, what do you use more?

7735 Heart
7736 Logic
7737 Wealth
7738 Experience

3. When you are overloaded with work pressure what do you do?

7739 Take tension
7740 Panic and ask for help
7741 Relax and complete your work
7742 Quit

4. How do you like to do your work?

7743 Listening Music
7744 Eating
7745 Talking
7746 Silence

5. What you are afraid of the most?

7747 Insects
7748 Death
7749 Heights
7750 To be Alone

6. Which can be considered to be as your favorite cuisine?

7751 Chineese
7752 South Indian
7753 Nort Indian
7754 Italian

7. One word for life that strikes in your mind at once?

7755 Complicated
7756 Beautiful
7757 Adventure
7758 Risk

8. What you are fond of most that provide you greatest happiness and peace?

7759 Travelling
7760 Exploring
7761 Making Friends
7762 Earning

9. Whom you consider your priority in your life?

7763 Relations
7764 Career
7765 Reputation
7766 Success

10. Which is your all-time favorite color?

7767 Blue
7768 Red
7769 Yellow
7770 Black
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