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Quiz: How Much You know About Adaminte Makan Abu Movie?

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The story revolves around a Muslim elderly couple Abu and his wife who struggle to earn money for going to Haj. There if use any help from the neighbors as they considered it as a Halal and worked by themselves to collect and earn money. Finally, when we're not able to earn enough, they sold their cow and a jackfruit tree. they finally started their journey towards Hajj. Meanwhile, the came to know that the tree this old was rotten and useless, so the couple to return the money to the one they sold the tree and were not able to go to haj. Meanwhile, Abu realized then the living entities around us matter so the Jackfruit tree and thus he pause postpones his journey to Hajj in next year till he earns more money.

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1. Why Abu didn’t accept any help from his neighbors?

98923 He believed that it wouldn’t be halal
98924 He was angry with his neighbours
98925 He was already in debt
98926 Option 4

2. What was the name of Abu’s wife in the film?

98927 Shazia
98928 Fatima
98929 Zara
98930 Aishumma

3. Which state did Abu and his wife belong to?

98931 Karnataka
98932 Tamil Nadu
98933 Kerala
98934 Odisha

4. Who was Kalabhavan Mani in the film?

98935 Abu’s neighbour
98936 Abu's friend
98937 One who buys Jackfruit tree from Abu
98938 One who helped Abu to earn money

5. How Abu's wife helps him in earning money?

98939 By cleaning others house
98940 By stitching and selling the clothes
98941 By making kites
98942 By breeding cattle and chicks

6. Who was Sulaiman in the film?

98943 Abu’s brother in law
98944 Abu’s son
98945 Abu's old neighbor
98946 Abu's son in law

7. Why did you go to Sulaiman?

98947 To pay his debt back
98948 To ask for forgiveness as he fought with him once
98949 To sell his cattle
98950 To get the ticket for Hajj

8. What was the name of the travel agency manager in the film?

98951 Ramesh
98952 Suresh
98953 Mukesh
98954 Brijesh

9. Who played the role of Abu in the film?

98955 Salim Kumar
98956 Jaya
98957 Mukesh Babu
98958 Nagarjun

10. The film won the best state film award in the year ...

98959 2010
98960 2011
98961 2012
98962 2013
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