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How Much You Know About Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ Trivia Quiz

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There is a belief about Jesus, that he has lived his life among the common people in a very simple way. It is also believed that Jesus used to show people the right path through stories so that everyone could easily understand what they were told. According to the people of Christianity, God created the world by his messengers. God sends his message to the people through his messengers. People of Christianity consider Jesus i.e. Jesus Christ as the Son of God. They believe that Jesus came to guide people in the world. Jesus ended his differences with other people by asking people to pray to God. The Lord Jesus is still worshiped as God around the world today. And Christians believe that there is only one God, whom they call Father as Jesus Christ taught them. They recognize Jesus as the son of God. Take this Trivia Quiz About Jesus Christ.

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1. What was the name of the person who wrote the second-to-last book of the New Testament and who was referred to as the brother of Jesus?

35135 Jude
35136 James
35137 Judas
35138 John

2. One man known as the brother of Jesus wrote about the untameable tongue. What was his name?

35139 James
35140 Jame
35141 Jude
35142 Simon

3. Recorded amongst the names of Jesus' ancestors in Matthew 1, there was a man described as "the friend of God" in 2 Chronicles 20. What was his name?

35143 Abraham
35144 Isaac
35145 Adam
35146 Moses

4. What ancestor of Jesus was also referred to as the son of God?

35147 Adam
35148 Boaz
35149 Terah
35150 Obed

5. At which festival did the 12-year-old Jesus stay behind at the temple?

35151 Passover
35152 Feast of booths
35153 First fruits
35154 Pentecost

6. Who did Jesus stay with when he was passing through Jericho?

35155 Zacchaeus
35156 Matthew
35157 Luke
35158 Mary and Martha

7. Who poured expensive perfume on Jesus' feet?

35159 Mary
35160 Martha
35161 Naomi
35162 Elisabeth

8. What was Jesus doing when a storm came upon the Sea of Galilee?

35163 Praying
35164 Eating
35165 Sleeping
35166 Preaching

9. Where was Jesus baptized?

35167 Sea of Galilee
35168 Jordan River
35169 Nile River
35170 Dead Sea

10. To whom did Jesus say "Get behind me, Satan"?

35171 John the Baptist
35172 Herod
35173 James
35174 Peter

11. Which of these disciples did Jesus take with him into Gethsemane?

35175 Thaddaeus
35176 Matthew
35177 James
35178 Nicodemus

12. What does the cause of Jesus Christ die?

35179 Accident
35180 Crucifixion
35181 Chicken pox
35182 None of above
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