Fortnite Quiz: How Much You Know About Fortnite Video Game?

Questions : 11 | Total Attempts: 269 | Recent Updated: 07-Feb-2021
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Gaming today has reached an enormous stage and is touching the sky now!! We all have seen the ample changes in the online platforms that have made all of us drooling on its footprints. When we look at the current innovations, then gaming has become a crucial aspect for everyone and every person regardless of age has started to move their interests over the same. One such game getting popular around the globe is Fortnite. The gaming app is being played by millions of people which is trending the charts. Do you think you can answer about the app? Then, here is the Fortnite Quiz, try it out and see what score can you set!!

Questions Excerpt

1. What was the initial release date of the game?

A. 6 February, 2017

B. 18 April, 2017

C. 20 September, 2017

D. 21 July, 2017

2. Who is the director of Fortnite?

A. Yenerit Thomas

B. Oblius Hegh

C. Daren Sugg

D. David Fret

3. In how many distinct game modes is it available?

A. 6

B. 3

C. 2

D. 9

4. Against whom did Fortnite developers file a lawsuit for banning the app?

A. Apple

B. Google

C. Microsoft

D. All of the above

5. Who is the publisher to Fortnite?

A. Epic Games

B. Warner Bros

C. Interactive Entertainment

D. All of the above

6. Who is the developer of the game?

A. Epic Game

B. People Can Fly

C. Both of them

D. None of them

7. Fortnite Battle Royale, a free-to-play battle royale game in which up to_______fight to be the last person standing?

A. 200 players

B. 100 players

C. 189 players

D. 138 players

8. When was Creative launched?

A. December 6, 2018

B. April 20, 2018

C. November 12, 2018

D. January 5, 2017

9. What is the genre of the game?

A. Survival

B. Battle Of Royale

C. Sandbox

D. All of the above

10. Fortnite began from an internal game jam at Epic Games following the publishing of Gears of War 3 around ______?

A. 2010

B. 2013

C. 2011

D. 2012

11. The Save the World mode achieved over one million players by______2017?

A. May

B. August

C. February

D. October

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