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Quiz: How Much You Are Aware Of Land Pollution?

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Soil is the most important natural resource on earth which produces vegetation, grains and other natural substances necessary for survival, which is necessary for the running of life of mankind and animals. The fertile soil on the earth is necessary for the production of crops necessary for the food of all living beings. The fertility of the land is severely affected due to chemical fertilizers, pesticides and industrial flows involving the inclusion of toxic elements in the soil. Undesirable changes in any of the physical, chemical, or biological properties of soil that are harmful to the environment, organisms, and plants are called 'land pollution'. It adversely affects human life, crop production, soil quality, and utility. Let's take the ultimate trivia quiz about Land Pollution.

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1. What is land pollution causes?

29630 Industry
29631 Mining
29632 Illegal dumping of waste
29633 All of above

2. Around what percentage of trash in the 'United States' is recycled?

29634 5%
29635 10%
29636 33%
29637 60%

3. How can we prevent land pollution?

29638 Avoid Use of Chemicals in Farming
29639 Reduce Waste
29640 Buy Organic Products
29641 All of above

4. In the world, where land pollution is in the worst condition?

29642 Haina, Dominican Republic
29643 Kabwe, Zambia
29644 Linfen, China
29645 Ranipet, India

5. Which diseases can be caused by land pollution?

29646 Kidney and liver damage
29647 Nervous system damage
29648 Cancer, including leukemia
29649 All of above

6. What do we call large areas where garbage is placed on the land?

29650 Landfills
29651 Mines
29652 Trashlands
29653 Landmines

7. What do we call trash when it eventually decays and becomes part of the environment?

29654 Recyclable
29655 Biodegradable
29656 Decayable
29657 Destructible

8. Around how long does it take Styrofoam to decay and become part of the environment?

29658 01 year
29659 05 years
29660 20 years
29661 It will never fully decay

9. Around how much trash does the average person in the United States produce each day?

29662 02 ounces
29663 01 pound
29664 02 pounds
29665 4.6 pounds

10. What causes land pollution produces large holes in the ground and can cause erosion?

29666 Garbage
29667 Landfills
29668 Mining
29669 Farming

11. What causes land pollution uses chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides?

29670 Garbage
29671 Landfills
29672 Mining
29673 Farming

12. What is the rank of India in land pollution?

29674 168 out of 180
29675 158 out of 180
29676 198 out of 180
29677 178 out of 180
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