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How Many Kids Will I Have And What Gender Quiz

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Becoming a parent is a wonderful phase of women’s life. She starts dreaming about children from the day she gets married or perhaps earlier. So, you are about to start a family too and anxious about the number and gender of your kids? It’s quite obvious. Take the quiz below and shed all the worries. Answer these 10 questions to what the future holds regarding children.

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1. How many kids you'd love to have?

83341 Single child
83342 2-3
83343 More than 5
83344 4

2. Which of the following movies do you like?

83345 Cheaper by the Dozen
83346 Frozen
83347 Marry Poppins
83348 I don’t watch movies

3. Are you popular among kids?

83349 Love them!!
83350 Hate kids
83351 Like kids but not too much
83352 Yes

4. What is your lifestyle like?

83353 Partying at the weekend
83354 Spending time with your DIY projects
83355 Trying new recipes every day
83356 Playing and have fun

5. What is your personality like?

83357 Talkative
83358 Stimulating
83359 Quiet and reserved
83360 Relaxed

6. What is your favorite type of food?

83361 Hot & spicy
83362 Sweet
83363 A comfort food
83364 Exotic preparation

7. Which is your car?

83365 A sporty variant
83366 Large station wagon
83367 Jeep
83368 Mini-van

8. Which ethnic group do you represent?

83369 Asian
83370 American
83371 Chinese
83372 South African

9. Would you like to share your favorite pizza with kids?

83373 Of course yes!
83374 No ways!
83375 Not sure
83376 I have to

10. Which theme would you want for your kids’ room?

83377 Princess
83378 Racecar
83379 Legos
83380 Jungle
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