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Quiz: How Happy is Your Marriage?

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Questions & Options

1. What do you think about sex?

4504 It’s a part of love
4505 It’s a need of human
4506 It’s a physical demand
4507 It’s the soul of marriage or any kind of relationship

2. How many times do you go for dinner with your partner?

4508 Once in a week
4509 After two weeks
4510 Once in a month
4511 After one year

3. Do you give gifts to your partner?

4512 Yes, always when I feel it
4513 Yes, I give but not in regular way
4514 Yes, but on any occasion
4515 Rarely I do it

4. Do you have a joint account?

4516 Yes
4517 Yes but we have separate account also
4518 Yes but we don’t use it regularly
4519 No we don’t have joint account

5. Does your partner know your economical condition?

4520 Yes because all the work of fiance is done by partner
4521 Yes but not all the thing
4522 Yes but you hide some money from your partner
4523 No you don’t share your financial information to anyone

6. Does your partner love your family?

4524 Yes, of course
4525 Yes but sometimes you feel uncomfortable
4526 Yes but not all the time
4527 No my partner don’t like my family

7. Who is more responsible in the family?

4528 Both are responsible
4529 You are responsible
4530 My partner is responsible but not all the time
4531 My partner is responsible because its his/her duty

8. Who took all the decision in your family?

4532 No one dominant we talk and after that we both took the decision
4533 Both took the decision but it become an argument point
4534 My partner took all decision
4535 You, yourself

9. How many times do you like to intimate with your partner?

4536 Once in a week
4537 Twice in a week
4538 In every weekend
4539 Everyday

10. Do you feel that having children make your bond strong and happy with your partner?

4540 Yes of course
4541 Sometime
4542 Maybe
4543 No, it make relationship as like a hell
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