Hilda Character Quiz: Which Hilda Character Are You?

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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
Just finished binge-watching Hilda and wonder what makes Hilda so much different from David? What makes Johanna so caring and supportive and wonder do you have those traits or not. Don’t worry we have got you covered. Attempt this quiz and know what traits you have and which character do you resemble the most.

Questions Excerpt

1. If someone fights with your friend in front of you what do you do?

A. Defend him

B. Try to calm the situation

C. Try to blame your friend

D. Run away from the situation

2. If your friends fail a test. What do you do?

A. Laugh at him

B. Encourage him

C. Help him study

D. Not your headache

3. How do you feel in a social gathering?

A. Anxious

B. Confident

C. Shy

D. Not really my thing

4. Do your friends trust you?

A. With their life

B. Not at all

C. Yes offcourse

D. Didn’t had a conversation regarding this

5. How do you feel when you someone cutting a tree?

A. Want to fight for tree’s life

B. Ignore it

C. Don’t care

D. It is a part of life

6. How strong is the possibility that you will help a stranger in need?

A. Somewhat

B. Strong

C. Not at all

D. I will see I have other important things to attend first

7. How easy is it for you to get frightened?

A. Even a street dog can do that

B. As fearless as Hercules

C. Not that easy but I fear cats

D. I sleep with lights on

8. How often do you need encouragement from someone else?

A. Never needed it

B. Usually before every task

C. Sometimes everyone is down

D. I usually encourage others

9. How frequently do you go on an adventure trip?

A. Almost every month

B. I have never been

C. Just been once

D. Once a year

10. How comfortable are you if you have to leave your hometown and settle somewhere else?

A. Not at all

B. Change is the only constant

C. I would love to do that

D. No unless circumstance forces me to

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