Quiz: Do You Have Any Bad Habits?

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A bad habit is a negative behavior pattern that affects your health, wealth, and lifestyle. It can lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, bronchitis, emphysema, and other health problems. It also raises your risk of tuberculosis, eye problems, and immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis. It can also affect your financial status and stability.

Questions Excerpt

1. What according to you seem to be a bad habit?

A. Eating snack every hour

B. Buying something new every time

C. Crying when have any problem

D. Drinking beer/alcohol multiple times a week

2. What are your hobbies?

A. Going to cafes

B. Going for shopping

C. Try cooking and trying new hobbies

D. Watching Movies

3. If any of your loved ones is angry at you what would you do?

A. Become nervous and cry

B. Get something fancy for him/her

C. Call for cup of coffee

D. Go bar for fun

4. What do you like the most to eat?

A. Chocolate

B. Lobster

C. Cheeseburger

D. Indian

5. What do you think about what you majorly face issues with?

A. Money

B. Stomachaches

C. Depression

D. Busy Schedule

6. What do you never wish to do and don't like to do?

A. Study

B. Go for work

C. Count money for savings

D. Spend time with anyone

7. How frequently do you go salon?

A. Once in a week

B. Twice in a month

C. When going for family functions

D. When required and pressurized by someone

8. What do you wish to do most?

A. Work

B. Have drinks

C. Watch movies and eat

D. Watch my move-list

9. What is your working hour per day?

A. Less than 9 hours

B. Less than 5 hours

C. Depends upon mood

D. As much as I can

10. What is your favorite part-time thing you like to do most?

A. Party

B. Shopping

C. Being cozy at home

D. Eating

11. According to you which word best describe your personality?

A. Alcoholic

B. Shopaholic

C. Obese Person

D. Obese Person

12. Which part of your day is ideal for you?

A. Fancy Dinner/Lunch

B. Go for party

C. Talking to bestie

D. Try new outfit

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