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Quiz: How Much You Know About Cellular Respiration And Role of ATP?

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Cellular respiration is the energy-releasing, enzymatically controlled, a catabolic process that involves a stepwise oxidative breakdown of organic substances inside the living cells. Respiration provides and biochemical intermediate. It is used for the synthesis of organic compounds that take part in the growth, repair, and metabolism. About 45% of the energy liberated is used for the synthesis of biomolecules and for life activities like absorption of, maintenance of cell permeability, growth, development, etc. The remaining energy is lost as heat. Let's check yourself, how much you know about the Cellular Respiration And Role of ATP trivia quiz.

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1. Who discovered ATP?

41587 Lipman
41588 Lohmann
41589 Blackman
41590 Bowman

2. Which one is the common step in both aerobic and anaerobic respiration?

41591 Krebs cycle
41592 ETC
41593 Glycolysis
41594 TCA

3. Which is not a prosthetic group or koi enzyme used during the oxidation of Pyruvate?

41595 TPP
41596 CoA
41597 Lipoic acid
41598 Mn+2

4. What is the number of ATP produced during anaerobic respiration?

41599 8
41600 19
41601 2
41602 17

5. The enzyme required for the synthesis of ATP is...

41603 Hospholipase
41604 Kinase
41605 ATP syntheses
41606 Reductase

6. The number of carbon atoms in pyruvate is.......

41607 2
41608 3
41609 4
41610 5

7. The first step in the breakdown of carbohydrates in Cellular respiration is...

41611 ETC
41612 Oxidation of pyruvate
41613 Kreb's cycle
41614 Glycolysis

8. Mitochondria are associated with .....

41615 Cellular digestion
41616 DNA synthesis
41617 Protein synthesis
41618 Cellular respiration

9. ATP is .....

41619 Protein
41620 Enzyme which brings oxidation
41621 A molecule with high energy phosphate bonds
41622 Hormone

10. Cells in which glycolysis occurs are ......

41623 Liver cell
41624 Red muscle fibres
41625 White muscle fibres
41626 All living cells
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